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Caffersatz---Pkg. of 10 tbags: $7.00 + Shipping


Caffersatz---Pkg. of 10 tbags:  $7.00 + Shipping 462


Gluten-Free Coffee-Substitute

Net weight 1-1/4 ounces
Package of 10 teabags:
$7.00 + Shipping

Ingredients: Aged Brazilian toasted maté (contains caffeine) and Ersatz®
(roasted wild rice, roasted buckwheat, & roasted chicory).

Caffersatz is hand-crafted.

Each of these oversize teabags
brews a single 12-oz. mug of Caffersatz:
Steep each teabag in 12 ounces of hot water for 3 minutes
Delicious with cream/sugar!
(Learn more: www.caffersatz.com)

The Fusion-Infusions™ Company
Bellefonte, PA
Made in the USA

Caffersatz is Toasted Maté blended with Ersatz, which contains
roasted wild rice, roasted buckwheat, & roasted chicory.
(Ersatz® was first roasted in Europe, in 1915.)
Today, we handcraft Caffersatz
here in the mountains
of Central Pennsylvania,
in our gluten-free-dedicated facility.

$7 In stock
Caffersatz®-Pkg. of 10 teabags, showing 10 teabags Caffersatz®-Pkg. of 10 teabags, front of pkg. Caffersatz®-Pkg. of 10 teabags, back of pkg. Caffersatz® ingredients (clockwise from upper left) Roasted wild rice, Roasted buckwheat, Roasted chicory, & Roasted maté; center, all ingredients combined into Caffersatz® Caffersatz® logo



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