Creators of innovative teas, tisanes, and coffees, since 2005

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We are a small, family-owned and -operated company,
called ‘Fusion-Infusions’,
specializing in creating
new and interesting brewed beverages.  Our teas, tisanes, and coffees are what might be classified as an “edgy” palette.  And that’s exactly what we want:  To question the usual ways that we think about all kinds of warm beverages, and then explore those answers.  And create drinks that intrigue your taste, your senses of smell, even of vision (e.g. “What’s with these odd-shaped teabags?”) and any other senses we can reach….  We do crazy things like blending kukicha tea with high-mountain-grown Sinensis cultivar teas; like exploring the taste of a pure Robusta coffee (a rarity indeed!); like emulating the experience of night-time at a camel caravan campfire; and several other concepts we have allowed to evolve here in our basement laboratory….

the creators of innovative
teas, tisanes, and coffees,
offers 6 delicious (and intriguing) drinks:
Mountainjack Coffee®
Farmer’s Tea
Caravan Camp Tea

All of our products are available in 2 sizes:
dsc005442-teabag package (sample)
Package of 10 teabagsand 10-teabag package.

Go ahead—try some—

fusion-infusions-logo-jpg-9-17-16“Observatio, Experimenta,
et Inventum”

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