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Aged Brazilian Toasted Mate
Anziano teabags---package and 2 teabagsAnziano---Package of 10 teabags---Package and 10 teabags(available in 2-tbag and 10-tbag pkgs)

Toasted mate.

Each of these oversize teabags
brews a single 12-oz. Mug
of Anciano:
Steep each teabag in
12 ounces of hot water
for 3 minutes.

‘Anciano’ (Spanish/Portuguese)–noun: ‘old man’

The Guaraní people started drinking mate in a region that currently includes Paraguay, southern Brazil, southeastern Bolivia, northeastern Argentina and Uruguay. The Guaraní have a legend that says the Goddesses of the Moon and the Cloud came to the Earth one day to visit it, but they instead found a yaguareté (jaguar) that was going to attack them. An anciano (old man) saved them, and, in compensation, the goddesses gave the old man a new kind of plant, from which he could prepare a “drink of friendship”.

Here in the forested mountains
of Central Pennsylvania,
we teabag the finest
aged Brazilian toasted maté,
in our gluten-free-dedicated facility.

Tastings:  Autumn leaves, roasted grains.

The CoffeeTrade ® Company
Specialty Coffees & Specialty Teas,
since 2005

Bellefonte, PA

Made in the USA


 “Wisdom matures slowly.”


(Our teas, tisanes, and coffees
make excellent gifts!)


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