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Are you having trouble reading our website pages?—

Hi folks! Are you having trouble with the ‘contrast’ at our website?  Please try to readjust the ‘angle’ of your screen—Just a small change may make a big difference!  We are also working with Ecwid to improve the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! Fusion-Infusions.com

A new product and a new name—

Hi folks!— We have a new product:  ‘Caravan Camp Tea’ (formerly ‘Anziano Tea’).  Here in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, we blend the finest ripe Puerh tea and Lapsang Souchong tea, in our gluten-free-dedicated facility.  Our result:  Puerh tea with a smokey flavor, as it would have tasted beside the campfire of a camel caravan […]


Welcome to our renovated website, Fusion-Infusions! We’ve made a few changes: We have changed the ‘theme’ (design) of our website, to allow for easier viewing. This makes the pages lighter and brighter. Also, we have moved our ‘Store’ to the Home page, to better indicate to our visitors that we offer our innovative teas, tisanes, […]

It’s National Hot Tea Month!

January 2017 is ‘National Hot Tea Month’! CELEBRATE (and warm-up!) with a cup of hot tea [black, puerh, oolong, green, or white] or a ’tisane’ {‘herbal’ tea} !!! OR visit our website: www.fusion-infusions.com <It’s nice and warm in here!>

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