(Don't worry---we don't give it to ANYBODY!)
(You can leave this blank, but you know, you really should have one. I'm just saying....)
(i.e. the name of your coffeehouse or teahouse or restaurant or distributor or store or blog or review, etc.)
(i.e. where you want your samples sent to) (And, of course, we will keep this strictly confidential, too.)
(Each sample pkg. contains two (2) teabags, each making a large 12-oz. mug.) (If you try and like any of these, we can send you a Coupon Code for a 40% ["Forty-percent! Wow!" you say.] Professional Discount on your first order.)
(If you like [or do not like] any of our products, we would really appreciate any feedback, so we can improve any of them. Suggestions or advice are welcome. Really.)

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