What is ‘Ersatz’?

Ersatz® is a kind of
herbal tea called a
‘roasted-grain tisane’.
“Ersatz®” is a blend of:
roasted Wild Rice,
roasted Buckwheat,
and roasted Chicory,
in a teabag.  
There are 10 Ersatz® Teabags in each Package.
Ersatz® is called a “coffee substitute”.
But we like to call Ersatz®  a “coffee alternative”.

“The 4th Choice”:  Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, and…Ersatz®!
Ersatz® is both Caffeine-Free and Gluten-Free!
Steep the Ersatz® teabag in a 12-ounce cup of hot water for 3 minutes.
Delicious  with sugar/cream, like coffee.

Do you like Postum®?  Try Ersatz®, too!
History and Ersatz®
“Coffee substitutes” have been used for centuries,
especially when coffee beans were scarce.
These substitutes have been made of
various roasted seeds, roots, or grains,
but often with little flavor.

experimentally roasting late into the night,
our food alchemists
have rediscovered and reformulated

the perfect coffee alternative
   (that is, a coffee-substitute you choose to drink):  

The Fusion-Infusions™ Company makes Ersatz®,
a caffeine-free and gluten-free coffee alternative
with a
delicious “roasted-grain-and-roasted-nuts-with-chocolately-notes” flavor.
It is sold in large teabags, each one making a 12-ounce mug of Ersatz®.

Purchase Ersatz (pkgs. of 10 tbags)


 FREE SAMPLE (2 tbags)

*(For people who love the taste of Ersatz, but need some caffeine, we also make a version of Ersatz that is blended with aged, toasted maté, which is caffeine-rich, called “Caffersatz®“!)  
About ‘Caffersatz’


To learn more about our charmingly anachronistic company,
please visit:  ‘About us‘ .

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