Farmer’s Tea™:
Kukicha and Black Tea

Kukicha green tea & black tea.
Each of these oversize teabags
brews a single 12-oz. mug
of Farmer’s Tea:
Steep each teabag in
12 ounces of hot water
for 3 minutes.

In Autumn,
the peasant tea farmer,
unable to afford the tea he had sold,
would return to his teabushes.
Clipping the smallest twigs,
he roasted and aged them.
The resulting delicate,
low-caffeine tea
was called “kuki-cha”
(‘kuki = twig ‘cha’ = tea)
Today, here in
the mountains of Central Pennsylvania,
in our gluten-free-dedicated facility,
we blend kukicha with high-mountain black tea.
Our result: ‘Farmer’s Tea’—
Kukicha with caffeine-rich black tea,
which complement each other.
Tastings: toasted nuts, clover flowers,
autumn leaves, aged wood, & honey.
The CoffeeTrade® Company
Bellefonte, PA
Made in the USA
Line drawing of Asian farmer or tea farmer


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