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A new product and a new name—

Hi folks!—
We have a new product:  ‘Caravan Camp Tea’ (formerly ‘Anziano Tea’).  Here in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, we blend the finest ripe Puerh tea and Lapsang Souchong tea, in our gluten-free-dedicated facility.  Our result:  Puerh tea with a smokey flavor, as it would have tasted beside the campfire of a camel caravan on the Silk Road in the 13th Century.
Tastings:  Roasted grains, wood smoke, and autumn leaves.

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Welcome to our renovated website,
We’ve made a few changes:
We have changed the ‘theme’ (design)
of our website,
to allow for easier viewing.
This makes the pages lighter and brighter.
Also, we have moved our ‘Store’
to the Home page,
to better indicate to our visitors that we offer
our innovative teas, tisanes, and coffees
for sale here.
This also gives folks an idea
of the broad range of creative beverages
that we have developed,
all on one page.
Please also note that
all of our website’s Pages are almost identical
to the ones
from our company’s previous website,
and our products have remained
exactly the same (i.e. delicious!).
So, come on in and look around—we promise you a unique experience!

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​Why the British Navy Needs Special Tea

Image: Shutterstock

Why do British sailors need special tea? It’s not the start of a dad joke; the answer is based in science. The drinking water onboard a warship is different to your regular tap variety, and therefore results in a different brew that can affect the taste of a cuppa.



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