1. a person or animal (e.g. mule), working, laboring, prospecting, mining, or exploring, in mountainous areas.
2. a strong coffee, reminiscent of the out-of-doors.


The Mountainjack


He rose with the sun,
stoking his fire and boiling the hot water
to brew his first cup of coffee for the day.
There would be many more cups on that cold day….

He lived and worked in
the tree-covered mountains
of Central Pennsylvania.
Log-burning stoves
coated everything and everyone
with wood smoke.
There was no avoiding it—
campfires and wood-stoves
kept him warm
and cooked his meals.

He loved the aroma of
a good hardwood fire—
it reminded him of
his freedom from responsibility
and of the honesty of his way-of-living.
He sat by the fire,
sipping the hot, strong coffee,
smelling the smoke,
and thinking about his past—
and his future….
smokey campfire

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