Ersatz---Sample---2 tbags: $1.00 + Free Shipping

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The Caffeine-Free

Net weight ¼ ounce
Sample---2 teabags: $1.00 + Free Shipping
(Limit: 1 per customer)

Ingredients: Roasted wild rice, roasted buckwheat,
& roasted chicory.

Ersatz is hand-crafted.

Each of these oversize teabags
brews a single 12-oz. mug of ErsatzCoffee:
Steep each teabag in
12 ounces of hot water
for 3 minutes.

Delicious with cream/sugar!

(Learn more:

The CoffeeTrade Company

Bellefonte, PA

Made in the USA

Ersatz was first roasted in Europe, in 1915,
to relieve coffee shortages.
Today, we handcraft Ersatz
here in our facility in the forested mountains
of Central Pennsylvania.

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