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Farmer's Tea tm
Kukicha and Black Tea
A Fusion-Infusions Product
Package of 2 teabags (sample):
Free (+ Shipping)
(Limit: 1 per customer)

Kukicha green tea & black tea.

Each of these oversize teabags
brews a single 12-oz. mug
of Farmer's Tea:
Steep each teabag in
12 ounces of hot water
for 3 minutes.

In Autumn,
the peasant tea farmer,
unable to afford the tea he had sold,
would return to his teabushes.
Clipping the smallest twigs,
he roasted and aged them.
The resulting delicate tea
was called "kuki-cha"
('kuki = twig 'cha' = tea ).
Today, here in
the mountains of Central Pennsylvania,
we blend this humble kukicha
with broken leaves of black tea,
to create this
'scavenger's tea.'

Tastings: toasted nuts, clover flowers,
autumn leaves, aged wood, & honey.

The Fusion-Infusions™ Company
Bellefonte, PA
Made in the USA

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