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THE DAILY EXTRACT: “Chicory: More Than Coffee’s Poor Cousin” in ‘countrylife.co.za’ via ‘coffeetalk.com’

2 hands holding cubes of chicory, raw and roasted

THE DAILY EXTRACT “Chicory: More Than Coffee’s Poor Cousin” in ‘countrylife.co.za’ via ‘coffeetalk.com’ To return to the top of our blog, THE DAILY EXTRACT, please click here.

CAFFERSATZ—Coffee Substitute (Herbal Coffee) with Roasted Mate

IF YOU LIKE GENMAICHA, YOU’LL LOVE CAFFERSATZ! Caffersatz® is a blend of Ersatz® (roasted wild rice, roasted buckwheat, and roasted chicory) and aged Brazilian toasted maté. (Toasted maté contains caffeine.)  Ersatz + Toasted maté = Caffersatz! ———————————————– (Caffersatz contains caffeine!) Purchase Caffersatz—10 tbags Purchase Sample FREE SHIPPING! January is National Hot Tea Month and Jan. […]

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