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THE DAILY EXTRACT: “Brazilian Roastery Releases Coffee Flower Kombucha” in ‘perfectdailygrind.com’

glass of tcha and can of it

THE DAILY EXTRACT “Brazilian Roastery Releases Coffee Flower Kombucha” in ‘perfectdailygrind.com’ To return to the top of our blog, THE DAILY EXTRACT, please click here. U > Σ   ™

“Kombucha Roots: An Interview with Baba’s Brew” in ‘The Daily Tea’

“Listening to Olga Sorzano, the founder of Baba’s Brew, a nano kombucha brewery based in Chester County, PA, speak about kombucha was like listening to someone tell stories about their childhood best friend. I quickly changed my focus and wanted to share Baba’s Brew with you. “

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