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About Us

About Us

We are a small,
family-owned and -operated company,
called ‘Fusion-Infusions’™,
specializing in creating
new and interesting brewed beverages.
Our teas, tisanes, and coffees are what might be classified as “edgy”.  And that’s exactly what we want:
To question the usual ways that we think about
all kinds of warm beverages,
and then explore those answers.
And create drinks that
intrigue your senses
of taste, of smell,
even of vision (e.g. “What’s with these odd-shaped teabags?”)
and any other senses we can reach….
We use these ‘outlying’ design concepts
like blending roasted grains with toasted Brazilian aged maté;
like exploring the taste of a pure Robusta coffee (a scarcity indeed!);
like emulating the experience of night-time at a camel caravan campfire; and several other concepts we have allowed to evolve here in our basement laboratory….

As an Italian-American family,
we value your respect and friendship
above all else.

For answers to your
questions or problems or suggestions,
contact us personally at:


If you would like to
Comment on or Discuss our products
with other consumers or us,
please scroll down to the bottom
‘Comments’ area.

Here, at our Gluten-Free facility,
in the mountains
of Central Pennsylvania,

we do many things manually,
including blending our ingredients
in small quantities, 

and packaging our products by hand.
The results are warm-beverages
we know you’ll savor and share
with your own family and friends.

‘Observatio, Experimenta,
et Inventum’™


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